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There are fifty abstract paintings present in this work done by Salvador Dali in 1963. When it’s seen from two yards, they all suddenly change into three Lenins masquerading as Chinese. When the distance, from which the image is observed, grows further, they all fuse into giant Head of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Talking about abstract art! Ha! Can’t be sure what was happening inside Salvador’s head when he was doing this, but I’m sure it would be interesting to know! Enjoy this illusion! Be sure to check other works from Dali: Lincoln Illusion, Matador and Apparition!

Btw, have you tried our new Vista Gadget? Has this illusion appeared in it? I hear there are some cache issues with it, but I have already created version 2.0 which will be available for download shortly. How do you like the “Featured Post” I added to Mighty Illusions? I thought of changing it every few days or so. Any sugestions?