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Funny  Picture I just love it! Friend of mine took this photo



So, while waiting for someone to help me fix random illusion hack, and for the Yahoo stuff to update the widget, I decided to share an interesting optical illusion collection with all of you. Previously illusions like this were posted in each separate post, but now as we all got used to

All of these are variations of the original Ponzo illusion. Previously I thought it’s the same phenomena as Ebinghaus illusion, but there is a slight difference. The Ponzo illusion is an optical illusion that was first demonstrated by the Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1913. He then suggested that the human mind judges an object’s size based on its background. He originally showed this by drawing two identical lines across a pair of converging lines, similar to railway tracks. The upper line looked longer because we interpret the converging sides according to linear perspective as parallel lines receding into the distance – a farther object would have to be longer than a nearer one for both to produce retinal images of the same size. If this collection still wasn’t enough for you, be sure to check Ponzo variation of: soldiers, terrain vehicles, nuns, monoliths, pigglets, spheres, monsters and others .

I have found another spotting game for you to solve. Do you really like them so much? I got this impression from emails I receive. Today, your assignment is somewhat harder: try and find 17 wolves in the picture below. Some can be easily seen, but few of them are real experts in hiding themselves. Yeah, I know we had wolves before (… and previous to that). But this one was so beautiful I just had to share it with my friends – at least I hope I can call you that 🙂 The artwork was done by Steven Michael Gardner, but you can probably recognize his works by now. We had so MANY of them here. He is truly an amazing artist. Check out more of his stuff inside spot the object category.

The idea is to focus on the dot in the centre and then move your head constantly towards and away from the monitor. You should see the circles rotate spookily!

MAgic Zoomster Illusion
Humor Illusion

In closing out this week’s series, it is interesting to consider illusions. Seeing things that are not really there. Like this medievil flooring, clearly laid in two-dimensions but with colors and contrasts that give it a three-dimensional appearance.

 Which Soldier is Taller?

Which Soldier is Taller?

Is this a Sax Player or Woman?

We found at least 25 faces in the picture below, how many can you find?
This is amazing creativity of Eye, this image look so unusual but i m sure there are few guys around the world who does lots of creativity with their body parts.

Eye Creativity Illusion