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The idea is to focus on the dot in the centre and then move your head constantly towards and away from the monitor. You should see the circles rotate spookily!

MAgic Zoomster Illusion
Humor Illusion

In closing out this week’s series, it is interesting to consider illusions. Seeing things that are not really there. Like this medievil flooring, clearly laid in two-dimensions but with colors and contrasts that give it a three-dimensional appearance.

 Which Soldier is Taller?

Which Soldier is Taller?

Is this a Sax Player or Woman?

We found at least 25 faces in the picture below, how many can you find?

How Many Faces Can You Find In This Picture?

At first sight a layman will think that there are lot of hand there joined together. But if u concentrate a bit you will find that this combination of Hands appears to look like a Face.
Hand Face Optical Illusion
Concentric gray circles Illusion